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Chronic Back Pain Is Curable With Acupuncture

Mei is an amid admirer of acupuncture and she believes in providing quality as well as care to all those looking for health improvement through natural methods. With a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Health Studies and a Master’s of Science in Oriental Medicine from Florida College of Integrative Medicine, she adds value to her years of knowledge in the same field, as acupuncture and Chinese Medicine were a part of her life during the initial days.

Mei Hagiwara is currently a student of Dr. Zhu Gui Zhen who is a ninth generation acupuncture master and Professor GaoZhi Xiang who has practiced acupuncture for over sixty years. With such expert advice, her skills have become better over the years, and it is her expertise of using acupuncture for chronic back pain that eased patients of their pain.

Our Client Testimonials are a testament that we are doing things the right way, and it is the praise that keeps us striving to do better. With our years of experience, mixed with the advice from our expert, you can definitely benefit from acupuncture for improving chronic back pain and get rid of your chronic back pain in an instant.

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